We live in very competitive world and Headhunting is appropriate method if we are looking for talent with strictly specific requirements for their professional experience and personal profile. Our knowledge and continuously researches about business in different spheres, helping us to do our agreements in very short terms and helping us to maintain data-base of Market Place Candidates.

The Process

Utilize Industry Expertise
Maximize knowledge of the relevant market place, using valuable contacts at different organizational levels and benchmark known interesting and suitable professional talent to assist mission directives.

Research & Plan of Action
Deploy market analysis and research; develop a road map of companies

Candidate Contact and Qualifying
Potential candidates are identified and contacted.
First selection of the candidates by phone conversation and presenting of CV.
Qualifying interview in according of their core competencies, career achievements and future aspirations, before presenting the opportunity and challenge of the role.
Final stage candidates (long list) are interviewed and psychometrically assessed based on the key aspects of the role including areas such as leadership, motivation, tolerance under stress.

Presenting the Short List
Discuss short listed individuals in detail by autobiography and professional and psychological profile, salary expectations and other important competency information.

Interview Process and Negotiating the Offer
Prepare and facilitate expectations at interview and at offer stage