At Renovatio we strive for more than just filling the position for our client – we want to help you make the best decision for you and your career. Knowing how the search industry operates will make you a better, more successful candidate.

We’ve based our approach to candidates on the belief that we should treat all candidates with the same high level of respect as our clients. We offer genuine advice to ensure that the employment is perfect for both the candidate and the organization.

As a candidate you should be aware upfront what the process of working with a recruitment company as Renovatio looks like, what we will expect from you, how long the process will be. Our relationships with candidates are built around four principles: honesty, neutrality, precision and respect for confidentiality.

Renovatio team will communicate with you in a timely manner at every single step of the recruitment process and update you on the progress of the search. Our consultant will explain to you the position and the employer’s expectations for it, conducts a well planned interview and answer all the questions you may have. She will also give you an honest opinion on your strengths and weaknesses in regard to the specific job opportunity.

After the initial meeting the search consultant will obtain your authorization before submitting your name to the client company, and will not contact references without your approval and discuss your application with anyone outside our firm.

All Renovatio’s services are free for candidates.

We invite you to review current positions available and contact us if you are interested in a specific position.