Initial Meeting

First we need to discuss the company's needs, the profile of the ideal candidate, the qualifications and skills that will match those needs. We develop a thorough understanding of the company, its culture and business objectives.

Search Strategy

A customized search action plan is agreed with the client. This step specifies the direction of the search.

Candidate Profiles

A number of prospective candidates will be identified. Typically our candidates' short-list is compiled with:

60% - Original research

25% - Proprietary database

15% - Referral sources and other strategies

It is our goal to bring you only highly potential candidates within certain time frame.

Initial Interviews

Every prospective candidate is interviewed at our office. We assess the individual's ability to do the job, fit with the client's company and operating environment, and motivation level.

Throughout the search process, the client is kept informed of progress and findings.

Individual Reports

The top candidates together with a detailed summary are presented to the client. We recommend the ones who best meet the requirements set at the beginning of the process.

Client Interviews

When the client decides which candidates to meet, interviews are scheduled. After that the consultant follows up with both client and candidate to determine the candidate's fit within the company, debrief them and to discuss appropriate next steps.

The Final Selection

Once the best qualified candidate has been identified, we will work with the client through the final review process, compensation issues, the offer and decision-making process

Now our goal is to advise the employer on developing a competitive offer and facilitate negotiations. Once the offer has been accepted, we also help prepare the hired candidate to make a smooth transition to the new employer.

Follow Up

We always maintain an ongoing dialogue with both the candidate and the client to help ensure a positive start

and a successful, long-term relationship.


Depending on the position level we set a guarantee period and when certain conditions are met Renovatio is obliged to repeat the search free of charge.